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Curry Package currybrowse


The CurryBrowser is a generic analysis environment for the declarative multi-paradigm language Curry. The CurryBrowser supports browsing through the program code of an application written in Curry, i.e., the main module and all directly or indirectly imported modules. Each module can be shown in different formats (e.g., source code, interface, intermediate code) and, inside each module, various properties of functions defined in this module can be analyzed.

In order to support the integration of various program analyses, the CurryBrowser has a generic interface to connect local and global analyses implemented in Curry. The tool is completely implemented in Curry using libraries for GUI programming and meta-programming.

After installing the CurryBrowser with the Curry package manager, it can be easily invoked inside interactive environment of the Curry implementations PAKCS or KiCS2 by the command :browse.

Note: Functionalities of the CurryBrowser marked by (DOT) require an installed graph visualization tool (dot, see below), otherwise they have no effect.

Further details can be found in a paper on CurryBrowser

Software requirements:

  • A Curry implementation like PAKCS or KiCS2 to install and run the browser.
  • Tcl/Tk for running the browser GUI.
  • dot to visualize dependency graphs. Adapt the definition of dot viewer according to your local installation with the menu Settings. If this software is not installed, one can not use the browser functions marked by (DOT).


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout currybrowse 3.0.0
Package source:
currybrowse-3.0.0.tar.gz [browse]
Source repository: