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Curry Package cass

CASS: The Curry Analysis Server System

This directory contains the implementation of CASS, a generic and distributed analysis system for Curry programs.

The analysis system is structured as a worker/server application where the workers are triggered by the main server to analyse individual modules.

The analysis system can also be used as a client from other application programs by a socket interface. The protocol of this interface is described in Protocol.txt. The server is explicitly started by the program cass (generated via make) or implicitly by application programs that use of the operation Configuration.getServerPortNumber to find out the port number to connect to the analysis server. The port number can either be explicitly specified the starting the main server program via

cass -p <port>

or a free port number is chosen when the analysis server is started. The current port and process numbers of a running analysis server are temporarily stored in the file $HOME/.curryanalysis.port (in the tuple format (port,pid)).

The program cass can also be started on a console with arguments:

cass <analysis> <module>

In this case, the analysis with the specified name is applied to the specified module without the use of the server protocol and the output is shown on stdout. Run the command

cass --help

to get a description of the arguments and a list of registered analysis names.

The analysis system can be configured in the file $HOME/.curryanalysisrc which is installed after the first run of the system. The implementations of the individual analysis are usually defined in the package cass-analysis).

Description of some Curry modules:

  • CASS.Registry: All available analyses must be registered here.
  • CASS.Server: The main module implementing the use of the server.
  • CASS.ServerFormats: Definition and implementation of output formats.
  • CASS.WorkerFunctions: Implementation of the analysis workers (in particular, alternative fixpoint iterations to compute dependency analyses, see option fixpoint in the configuration file, must be inserted here).

Contact: Michael Hanus


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