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Curry Package xmldata

xmldata - A Generator for XML Data Conversion

This package contains a tool curry-data2xml with generates for a given Curry module a new Curry module containing conversion functions from and to an XML representation for all data types declared in this module.

For instance, if Nat is a module containing the declaration

data Nat = Z | S Nat

applying this program to Nat generates a new module NatDataToXml containing the implementation of the following operations:

natToXml :: Nat -> XmlExp
xmlToNat :: XmlExp -> Nat

Hence, one can store a Nat term num into the file Nat.xml by

writeXmlFile "Nat.xml" (natToXml num)

provided that the module XML is imported. Similarly, one can read the data from this file by

readXmlFile "Nat.xml" >>= return . xmlToNat

Installing the tool

In order to install the current version of the tool, execute the commands

> cypm update
> cypm install xmldata

This installs the executable curry-data2xml in the bin directory of CPM.

Using the tool

Execute the tool with the module containing the data for which the conversion functions should be created, e.g.,

> curry-data2xml Nat


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout xmldata 3.0.0
Package source:
xmldata-3.0.0.tar.gz [browse]
Source repository: