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Curry Package setfunction-synthesis

Implementation of ‘Synthesizing Set Functions’

A prototype implementation of generating set functions as presented in Synthesizing Set Functions.


Execute cypm install (due to a bug in KiCS2, only PAKCS is currently supported). This installs the executable synsetfun in the bin directory of CPM.


For an existing Curry Module Examples.curry

module Examples where

anyOf :: [Int] -> Int
anyOf (x:xs) = x ? anyOf xs

the command

synsetfun Examples -f anyOf

generates the output

instance NF t0 => NF (STList t0) where
  nf v9 =
    case v9 of
      STNil -> Val STNil
      STCons v10 v11 ->
        case nfST v10 of
          Choice v12 v13 v14 -> Choice v12 (nf (STCons v13 v11)) (nf (STCons v14 v11))
          Fail -> Fail
          v15 ->
            case nfST v11 of
              Choice v16 v17 v18 -> Choice v16 (nf (STCons v15 v17)) (nf (STCons v15 v18))
              Fail -> Fail
              v19 -> Val (STCons v15 v19)

data STList t0 = STNil | STCons (ST t0) (ST (STList t0))

choiceP :: IDSupply -> ST t0 -> ST t0 -> ST t0
choiceP v2 v_1 v_2 = Choice v1 v_1 v_2 where v1 = uniqueID v2

anyOfP :: IDSupply -> ST (STList Int) -> ST Int
anyOfP v6 v_1 = applyST
  (\v0 -> case v0 of
    STCons v_2 v_3 -> choiceP v5 v_2 (anyOfP v4 v_3)
    STNil          -> Fail
  v5 = rightSupply v6
  v7 = leftSupply v6
  v4 = rightSupply v7

toValST_List_STList :: (t0 -> ST t1) -> [t0] -> STList t1
toValST_List_STList v20 [] = STNil
toValST_List_STList v21 (v22 : v23) =
  STCons (v21 v22) (toST_List_STList v21 v23)

fromValST_List_STList :: (t0 -> t1) -> STList t0 -> [t1]
fromValST_List_STList v24 STNil = []
fromValST_List_STList v25 (STCons (Val v26) (Val v27)) =
  v25 v26 : fromValST_List_STList v25 v27

toST_List_STList :: (t0 -> ST t1) -> [t0] -> ST (STList t1)
toST_List_STList v28 = Uneval . toValST_List_STList v28

fromST_List_STList :: NF t0 => (t0 -> t1) -> ST (STList t0) -> Values [t1]
fromST_List_STList v29 = map (fromValST_List_STList v29) . stValues

toValST_Int_Int :: Int -> Int
toValST_Int_Int = id

fromValST_Int_Int :: Int -> Int
fromValST_Int_Int = id

toST_Int_Int :: Int -> ST Int
toST_Int_Int = Uneval . toValST_Int_Int

fromST_Int_Int :: ST Int -> Values Int
fromST_Int_Int = map fromValST_Int_Int . stValues

anyOfS :: [Int] -> Values Int
anyOfS v30 =
  fromST_Int_Int (anyOfP initSupply (toST_List_STList toST_Int_Int v30))

Adding the output to the original file and importing the ST library should yield the synthesized set function.


Not supported (yet): * Sharing and nested set functions * Polymorphic set functions * Higher-order functions * Type synonyms * External functions * Record types * Everything else that doesn’t work 🙂


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout setfunction-synthesis 0.0.1
Package source:
setfunction-synthesis-0.0.1.tar.gz [browse]
Source repository: