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Curry Package plural-arguments

Plural Arguments for Curry Programs

This package contains the implementation of a tool to support plural arguments in Curry programs. The idea and background of this implementation is described in the following paper:

Michael Hanus: Adding Plural Arguments to Curry Programs, Tech. Comm. of the 29th Int. Conf. on Logic Programming (ICLP 2013), Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 13 (4-5-Online-Supplement), 2013


The tool can be directly installed by the command

> cypm install plural-arguments

This installs the executable curry-plural in the bin directory of CPM. The tool implements the necessary transformation on Curry programs.


To use plural arguments in a Curry program, import the library Plural (available in the src directory) and mark the plural arguments of an operation by wrapping their type with the type constructor Plural in their type signature, e.g.:

dupp :: Plural Int -> (Int,Int)
dupp x = (x,x)

Currently, this is restricted to top-level operations. As an example, consider the operation pali of the Curry program Palindrome.

Then execute the program transformation by the command (the invocation via “cypm exec” is necessary to locate the library Plural)

> cypm exec curry-plural -r prog.curry

This performs the transformation and loads the transformed program into the Curry system. To see a list of other options, just execute the command

> curry-plural -h


The transformation is restricted to a single module, i.e., the operations with plural arguments and their usage must be contained in a single module.

Relaxing this restriction requires the transformation of all modules referring the operations with plural arguments.


In case of problems or comments, contact Michael Hanus.


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cypm checkout plural-arguments 3.0.0
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