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Curry Package json


This package provides data types, a parser and a pretty printer for JSON.

Representing JSON values in Curry

A JSON value can be a primitive, i.e. true, false, null, a string or a number, an array of JSON values or an object mapping strings to JSON values. In Curry, a JSON value is represented by the data type JValue from the JSON.Data module:

data JValue = JTrue
            | JFalse
            | JNull
            | JString String
            | JNumber Float
            | JArray [JValue]
            | JObject [(String, JValue)]

Parsing JSON strings

parseJSON from JSON.Parser can be used to parse a JSON string into a JValue:

> parseJSON "{ \"hello\": [\"world\", \"kiel\"] }"
Just (JObject [("hello", JArray [JString "world", JString "kiel"])])

Printing JSON strings

ppJSON from JSON.Pretty will turn a JValue into a pretty printed string. If you want more control over the layout of the resulting string, you can use ppJValue from the same value to obtain a Doc for Curry's Pretty module from a JValue.


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