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Curry Package icurry


ICurry is an intermediate format to compile Curry to different imperative languages. Its purpose is to be mostly generic so that different target languages can be supported with a similar effort.

The definition of ICurry is inspired by the Curry compiler Sprite which compiles Curry programs into LLVM code.

The icurry package supports two kinds of intermediate formats:

  • ICurry (see ICurry.Types for detailed definitions)
  • Extended ICurry (see ICurry.Extended.Types for detailed definitions)

The package also contains a translator from FlatCurry to ICurry programs (which have the suffix .icy), a translator from ICurry to Extended ICurry programs (which have the suffix .eicy), some goodies for dealing with (Extended) ICurry structures and auxiliary to quickly create a build system based on Ninja (see package ninja).

The translators are available in the icurry binary installed with this package.


In contrast to other general compilers which can translate complete applications consisting of several modules, the icurry compiler translates only single modules so that it should be used as a tool invoked by appropriate build tools (e.g., ninja, make). In particular, before compiling some module, all its imported modules have to be compiled so that their interfaces (data and function types) are already stored in ICurry type dependencies files (suffix .ictdeps).

For instance, to compile the Prelude manually, one can change to the library directory containing the file Prelude.curry and invoke the following commands:

  1. Generate Prelude.tfcy (the typed FlatCurry file of the Prelude):

    pakcs-frontend -i "." --typed-flat Prelude


   > kics2-frontend -i "." --typed-flat Prelude
  1. Generate Prelude.icy (the ICurry representation of the Prelude, which also generates the ICurry type dependency file Prelude.ictdeps):

    icurry f2i -I ".curry" .curry/Prelude.tfcy .curry/Prelude.icy

  2. Generate Prelude.eicy (the Extended ICurry representation of the Prelude):

    icurry i2e -I ".curry" .curry/Prelude.icy .curry/Prelude.eicy

Now one can compile modules using the Prelude in the same way.


Checkout with CPM:
cypm checkout icurry 2.0.0
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icurry-2.0.0.tar.gz [browse]
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