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Curry Package benchmark-papers

benchmark-papers: A Tool to Execute Benchmark Papers

This package contains a tool to support executable benchmark papers, i.e., papers which contain program code (written in Curry) to run the benchmarks shown in the paper. The tool is able to run the benchmarks and include the results in the paper so that the paper can be formatted with the new benchmark results.

Examples showing the use of the system are in the directory examples (see also the README there).

Some files in this package:

  • include/currycode.sty: Definition of LaTeX macros to be included by \usepackage{currycode} into the LaTeX document containing Curry code to implement benchmarks.

  • src/ExecuteBenchmarkPaper.curry: Implementation of the tool which extracts code snippets from a LaTeX documents, executes them, and creates a macro file containing the results of the code snippets to be included in the formatted document.

  • src/Test/Benchmark.curry: Implementation of an embedded DSL to support the construction of benchmarks.

  • src/Test/Benchmark/Goodies.curry: Some goodies which might be helpful to format benchmark results, e.g., to translate them to LaTeX or produce graphics via gnuplot.


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