Uploaded at Apr 1 11:56:15 2020 (UTC)

Curry Package abstract-curry


This package contains libraries to deal with AbstractCurry programs. AbstractCurry is a representation of Curry programs oriented towards the source code of Curry. Thus, it can be used to generate readable Curry programs, e.g., by the Web framework Spicey.

The package contains the following modules:

  • AbstractCurry.Build: This module provides some useful operations to write programs that generate AbstractCurry programs in a more compact and readable way.
  • AbstractCurry.Files: This module defines operations to read and write AbstractCurry programs.
  • AbstractCurry.Pretty: This module provides a pretty-printer for AbstractCurry modules.
  • AbstractCurry.Select: This module provides some useful operations to select components in AbstractCurry programs, i.e., it provides a collection of selector functions for AbstractCurry.
  • AbstractCurry.Show: This module provides transformation and update operations on AbstractCurry programs. Since the transformations are defined recursively on structured types, they are useful to construct specific transformations on AbstractCurry programs. In particular, this library contains the transformation renameCurryModule to rename an AbstractCurry module.
  • AbstractCurry.Types: This module defines the data types to represent AbstractCurry programs in Curry.


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